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Call2Prayer's Continued Role at Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai During COP28

In the heart of Dubai, a momentous event is on the horizon, one that carries global significance and embodies the spirit of unity. The 28th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, is set to convene from November 30 to December 12, 2023, in the dazzling city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This summit serves as a platform for world leaders to discuss strategies and actions to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts, offering a ray of hope for a more sustainable future.

As the host city for COP28, Dubai has taken center stage on the international platform. The Expo City Dubai, with its innovative infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, stands as the epicenter of these discussions. And at the heart of this bustling venue is the renowned Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai, playing host to dignitaries, delegates, and guests attending this vital conference.

Call2Prayer: A Bridge Between Culture and Tradition

Amid the discussions and deliberations about the future of our planet, there's a crucial element that serves as a reminder of the UAE's cultural and religious richness. Call2Prayer , an advanced automation solution, continues to hold its vital role at the Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai during COP28. It seamlessly weaves together the threads of tradition, faith, and modernity.

The UAE is a mosaic of diverse cultures and religions, and its commitment to embracing and respecting this diversity is a fundamental part of its identity. Call2Prayer is not just a technology; it's a symbol of this commitment. It ensures that the cultural and religious practices of the UAE are not just preserved but celebrated.

The Prominent FFB (Features, Functions, and Benefits) of Call2Prayer:

PRECISION IN PRAYER TIMING: Call2Prayer's advanced algorithms calculate prayer times based on GPS coordinates, ensuring that prayer calls are delivered with the utmost accuracy, adhering to the directives of the UAE's Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Call2Prayer harmoniously integrates with Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai's audiovisual and building management systems, contributing to a cohesive and elevated guest experience.

ENHANCED FEATURES: The partnership with Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai has led to the introduction of enhanced features, further enhancing the overall experience for guests. This includes automatic background music mute in compliance with the latest UAE regulations.

NO DOWNTIME: The transition to Call2Prayer was smooth and hassle-free, with near-zero downtime. It ensures that the hotel's operations continue without interruption.

HARDWARE AGNOSTIC SOLUTION: One of Call2Prayer's standout features is its adaptability. It effortlessly interfaces with existing AV and control systems, showcasing its hardware-agnostic prowess.

A Beacon of Tradition in Modern Times

As the UAE takes its place on the global stage to address the challenges of climate change, the presence of Call2Prayer at the Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai during COP28 is a testament to the nation's enduring commitment to tradition, faith, and cultural diversity. It reminds us that even in a rapidly changing world, we can find harmony between our heritage and our future.

The team at Call2Prayer is honored to continue its journey with Rove Hotel Expo City Dubai during this significant event. Together, we are bridging the past with the future, showcasing how technology can serve to enhance the spiritual and professional aspects of life. We look forward to a brighter and more sustainable future, one that is rooted in respect for tradition and a vision for progress.

Call2Prayer Console App at ROVE EXPO City Dubai

The Call2Prayer system runs 24/7 – 365 without any human interaction or monitoring! The sophisticated performance monitoring and intelligent self-healing functions keep the system alive even if the internet is down. The system sends out alerts and health status to designated technical staff and venue’s operations team via email!

Experience the Future of Prayer Management with Call2Prayer ! With remarkably simple hardware and OS prerequisites, Call2Prayer opens a world of possibilities. Seamlessly connect to your venue’s building management, audiovisual, and control systems using interfaces like GPI/O, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, UDP, InfraRED, BIN, HEX, IoT, and more. This hardware-agnostic, feature-rich solution is your ticket to efficiency and affordability. Your existing AV and Control system? Call2Prayer is ready to interface with it, no exceptions!

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